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CIL studies the interaction of people with technology in various fields. The lab aims to:

– Understand, through research, the significant supportive and mediating role of technology in promoting learning, communication, collaboration, and social change, in varied real-world contexts and settings.

– Produce and disseminate Educational Technology and HCI research with real-world impact.

Our current projects are related to:

– Embodied Play for Learning using Technology

– Affordable, Digital, Collaborative Spaces

– Emerging Technology, Inclusive Design and Social Change

Interested individuals please submit your updated CV and a cover letter (in English) via email at


RISE is also accepting applications in the EdMedia group 

The Interactive Media and Education/Edutainment (EdMedia) group of RISE has research focus on multimodal interaction and learning, emerging technologies for learning and entertainment/edutainment.

Please read full description of the Group at

For details about the application process please see:

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