PhD Students

Vaso Constantinou

Research Interests: Educational Robotics, Computational Thinking, integration of technology in education and training including sports/physical education, use of technology for social change, media/ICT support for social inclusion particularly effective inclusion of people with hearing impairment.

Marianna Ioannou

Research Interests: Emerging interactive learning environments for primary students, embodied learning, STEM education, problem-solving, knowledge construction.

Stella Timotheou

Research Interests: Design and evaluation of robotic-enhanced learning environments, use of educational robotics to support collaboration and knowledge creation in STEM education, use of robotics to support interdisciplinarity in STEM education, classroom orchestration in robotic enhanced lessons.

Chrysanthos Socratous

Research Interests: Design and evaluation of robotics curriculum for primary school students based on the constructivist and constructionist theoretical model, use of educational robotics to support student collaboration, problem-solving skills, and knowledge construction, integration of robotics as a mindtool to support the teaching of curriculum area subjects as mathematics and science in k-12 education.

Aekaterini Mavri

Research Interests: Design, implementation & evaluation of social instructional models in Higher education, such as cross-organizational (professional/academic) Communities of Practice, using affordable technology configurations, in an attempt to bridge the gap between industry & academia in the digital creative disciplines. Focus on distributed & product creativity, creative collaboration and ‘living in the world’ skills.

Leantros Kyriakoullis

Research Interests: Cultural values in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

Dora Konstantinou

Research Interests: Educational Makerspaces and Its contribution towards the skills development

Giorgos Pallaris

Research Interests: Educational Makerspaces, with a closer examination of how Higher Education Institutions can exploit Makerspace’s potential for the benefit of both Academics, Students, and Institutions. My research agenda focuses on participation challenges. since although the education community has recognized the potential of Makerspaces as a learning environment, future research investigation should be devoted to ensuring broad and active participation.

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