The Cyprus Interaction Lab (CIL) of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology is an interdisciplinary research lab which specialises in Educational Technology and Human Computer Interaction. The lab was co-founded in 2011 by Panayiotis Zaphiris and Andri Ioannou and is the first of its kind in Cyprus. Even though it is relatively new, it already stands out with high-quality research and facilities.

We design with people and the community in mind, aiming to produce research with real-world impact. We seek to understand the significant supportive and mediating role of technology in promoting learning, communication and collaboration, social change and inclusion in varied circumstances and contexts. Research at CIL aims towards theoretical and practical frameworks on three pillars:

Pillars of CIL research:

  • Embodied and Gameful Learning
  • Learning Design and Learning Spaces
  • Design for Social Change

CIL research draws on:

  • Constructivist and constructionism pedagogy
  • Co-design with educators and stakeholders
  • Human-centered design
  • Authentic learning environments and real-world settings

CIL aims to become a center of excellence in Educational Technology and HCI. CIL instigates interdisciplinary research work and promotes collaboration between industry, academia and research organisations. We issue an annual newsletter summarizing our yearly achievements.

CIL offers the MSc Interaction Design and organizes the HCII Affiliated Conference on Learning and Collaboration Technologies (http://2019.hci.international/).

The Cyprus Interaction Lab is affiliated with a number of organizations and networks and research communities in Learning Technology and HCI. The Lab is also part of the ACM-W Cyprus Chapter which focuses on activities and projects that aim to improve the working and learning environments for women in computing. The lab offers Short-Term Student Internships and can host Affiliated Researchers

Since 2017, CIL cooperates closely with the Interactive Media, Education and Edutainment (EdMedia)  Research Group of the CYENS Centre of Excellence.