Visiting Scholars

Aram Mooradian, Design Fellow & Studio Master, MPhil in Architecture & Urban Design, University of Cambridge
Research Interests: Design research in higher education, the organisational structures of arts & culture institutions, the culture and heritage organisations of diasporic communities, architectural practice

Arūnas Gudinavičius

Arūnas Gudinavičius, Associate Professor, Vilnius University, Lithuania
Research Interests: Digital books, digital publishing, digital reading, human-computer interaction.
Yevgeniya Sulema
Yevgeniya Sulema, Associate Professor, National Technical University of Ukraine
Research Interests: Mulsemedia; Immersive Technologies; Multimedia Data Security (Image Steganography); Image Processing; Signal processing; Multimedia Data Classification, Recognition, and Retrieval; Image Compression.
Carmelo Ardito
Carmelo Ardito, Associate Professor, University of Bari Aldo Moro
Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, particularly Mashup of services and smart objects, Serious games, End-User Development, Usability Engineering and UX Practices in industry and public organizations.
Sónia Sousa
Sónia Sousa, Associate Professor, Talling University
Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Trust, Technology enhanced Learning. Focusing on exploring the role of Trust in technologically enhanced contexts and in HCI.
Website: Sousa/
Artem Smolin
Artem Smolin, Head Dept of Engineering and Computer Graphics, ITMO University
Research Interests: VR/AR Technologies, Digital Heritage, Culture,
Design, Human Computer Interaction.
Lidia Korpan
Lidia Korpan, Lecturer, ITMO University, St. Petersburg
Research Interests: Graphic and industrial design theory, human-computer interaction, usability, cultural studies.
Darelle van Greunen
Darelle van Greunen, Professor, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa
Research Interests: Human Computer Interaction, ICT4D, IT in Health, Social Innovation.
Arman Arakelyan
Arman Arakelyan, Interaction Design Lab, Talling University
Research Interests: Design for appropriation-centric technologies, Human-Computer Interaction, End-User Development.
Aleksandar Jevremovic
Aleksandar Jevremovic, Full professor, Singidunum University, Serbia
Research Interests: Information Security, HCI Security, Trust and Privacy, Web Development, UX, Social Networks and Computing, Education and Technology.
Lennart E. Nacke
Lennart E. Nacke, Associate Professor, PhD, University of Waterloo
Research Interests: Human Computer Interaction, Game Design, Gamification, Games User Research, UX Design, Brain-Computer Interfaces and Affective Computing
Natalia Pavlou
Natalia Pavlou, PhD student, Department of Linguistics, University of Chicago
Research Interests: Theoretical linguistics, Experimental linguistics, Linguistic fieldwork, Human Computer Interaction.
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