Visiting Scholars

Aram Mooradian, Design Fellow & Studio Master, MPhil in Architecture & Urban Design, University of Cambridge

Research Interests: Design research in higher education, the organisational structures of arts & culture institutions, the culture and heritage organisations of diasporic communities, architectural practice


Arūnas Gudinavičius, Associate Professor, Vilnius University, Lithuania

Research Interests: Digital books, digital publishing, digital reading, human-computer interaction.


Yevgeniya Sulema, Associate Professor, National Technical University of Ukraine

Research Interests: Mulsemedia; Immersive Technologies; Multimedia Data Security (Image Steganography); Image Processing; Signal processing; Multimedia Data Classification, Recognition, and Retrieval; Image Compression.


Carmelo Ardito, Associate Professor, University of Bari Aldo Moro

Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, particularly Mashup of services and smart objects, Serious games, End-User Development, Usability Engineering and UX Practices in industry and public organizations.


Sónia Sousa, Associate Professor, Talling University

Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Trust, Technology enhanced Learning. Focusing on exploring the role of Trust in technologically enhanced contexts and in HCI. Sousa/

Artem Smolin, Head Dept of Engineering and Computer Graphics, ITMO University

Research Interests: VR/AR Technologies, Digital Heritage, Culture,Design, Human Computer Interaction.


Lidia Korpan, Lecturer, ITMO University, St. Petersburg

Research Interests: Graphic and industrial design theory, human-computer interaction, usability, cultural studies.


Darelle van Greunen, Professor, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa

Research Interests: Human Computer Interaction, ICT4D, IT in Health, Social Innovation.


Arman Arakelyan, Interaction Design Lab, Talling University

Research Interests: Design for appropriation-centric technologies, Human-Computer Interaction, End-User Development.


Aleksandar Jevremovic, Full professor, Singidunum University, Serbia

Research Interests: Information Security, HCI Security, Trust and Privacy, Web Development, UX, Social Networks and Computing, Education and Technology.


Lennart E. Nacke, Associate Professor, PhD, University of Waterloo

Research Interests: Human Computer Interaction, Game Design, Gamification, Games User Research, UX Design, Brain-Computer Interfaces and Affective Computing


Natalia Pavlou, PhD student, Department of Linguistics, University of Chicago

Research Interests: Theoretical linguistics, Experimental linguistics, Linguistic fieldwork, Human-Computer Interaction.


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