The Cyprus Interaction Lab (CIL) offers 3-4 internships per year.

The CIL internship program allows undergraduate and graduate students as well as recent graduates to gain research/work experience by getting involved with ongoing activities of the Lab.

CIL internships last for a period of 2-6 months and are completed under the supervision of a Lab member.

CIL internships are unpaid internships.

International applicants are encouraged to apply for external funding (e.g., Erasmus Student Mobility for Placements program that enables higher education students to spend 3 months in an organization in another participating country).


Applicants can apply for part time or full time internships during:

  • Spring (mid Jan-mid May)
  • Summer (June and July)
  • Fall (mid Sept – Mid Dec)

Benefits – the Intern will:

  • Gain hands-on experience with research projects as a member of lab.
  • Learn to use the lab’s facilities and technologies.
  • Have an office space and internet access.
  • Receive an internship certificate after the completion of his/her internship.
  • Internship projects can be expanded to a BA and MA/MSc thesis (in the case of students for the Cyprus University of Technology).
  • Internships are a great opportunity for prospective PhD students to experience research life at CIL and explore directions for their PhD topic before committing to a PhD. In that respect, CIL internships give an opportunity for developing a PhD proposal.

Not provided:

  • The Internship does not cover accommodation, living or travelling expenses.
  • This is an unpaid internship.

Working languages:

English or Greek

Eligibility/ Who can apply:

Internships are available to:

  • undergraduate and graduate students
  • recent graduates
  • researchers

Applicants should:

  • be able to work at the Cyprus Interaction Lab, 2-3 days a week for the duration of the internship.
  • be eager to learn and work hard.
  • have organizational skills.
  • have excellent computer skills.
  • be interested in the Lab’s research and projects.

Application deadline:

We accept applications throughout the year. We review the applications periodically.

How to apply:

Applicants need to email Andri Ioannou < > with a full CV and a short proposal (200-300 words long) expressing their interest in working at CIL.