Andreas Papallas

Research Interests: Urban Design, Urban Governance, Collaborative Spaces, Design Thinking, Public Participation


Leda Solomonidou

Research Interests: Fine Art, Art Education, Creative Technologies Education, Artistic Research, Public Relations, Active Youth, Volunteering and Sports.

Andreas Kitsi

Research Interests: User experience, Human-Computer Interaction, Interactive Multimedia, Multimedia Design, Experience Design, Emerging Technologies.

Nicoletta Pantela

Research Interests:Learning Sciences, Educational technology, Emerging Technologies.

Eirene Constantinou

Research Interests: Fine & Applied Arts, Creative Technologies, Interdisciplinary Education, Social Entrepreneurship, Visual Communication Design, Social Media Engagement

Panayiotis Hadjicostis

Research Interests: Digital Media and Journalism, New Media and Society, Culture of Cyberspace, Information Society, Social Media and Minorities.

Eirini Christou

Research Interests: Technology and communication, Social representations, Refugees and Immigrants.

Andreas Tsestos

Research Interests: Architecture, Urban Design, Planning and designing for flood resilience, Biomimetic and Biophilic Architecture

Constantinos Karseras 

Research Interests: Multimedia and digital communications, design thinking, problem-solving, knowledge construction, active citizenship and develop sustainability.


Sotiria Vorka

Research interests: Educational technology, STEAM Education, Robotics

Andreas Stroumpoulis

Research interests: Creative thinking, Visualization, Virtual reality, Augmented reality 

Eirinaios Chatzimarkou

Research interests: Robotics, 3D Modeling, 3D Printing and Computational Fluid Dynamics


Stephanie Papalla

Research Interests: Architecture and Design, Urban Design, Design Thinking, Digital Communication


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