The Cyprus Interaction Lab has a state-of-the-art usability laboratory designed for running user evaluations in a comfortable environment and with latest technology that include eye-tracking, interactive tables, remote controlled cameras, one-way mirror, specialized usability and accessibility software and brain computer interfaces.


The lab consists of three rooms:

  • a Focus Room where one-to-one and group brainstorming and interview sessions can take place
  • an experiment room equipped with state of the art tracking equipment and data capturing software
  • a control room equipped with a one way mirror through which the experimenter and the client can monitor the study sessions as they take place in the experiment room.

At Cyprus Interaction Lab we offer a range of services and state of the art equipment to facilitate the needs of a wide range of companies and disciplines.

Equipment Specifications & Peripherals Related urls
SMI RED 500 eye-tracker SMI BeGazeā„¢ Eye Tracking Analysis Software SMI-ETG Laptop http://www.smivision.com
SMI Eye Tracking Glasses SMI Eyetracker glasses luggage, SMI ETG Recording Unit http://eyetracking-glasses.com/
Mindset Brainwave sensing headset http://www.neurosky.com
Neulog Sensors – Neulog USB Module
– Neulog Hart Rate and Pulse Logger Sensor
– Neulog wi-fi Communication Module
– Neulog Sound Logger
– Neulog Graphic Display Module
– Neulog Galvanic Skin Response Sensor
Affectiva – Q sensor Includes: sensor bracelet(curve and wristband), usb charger, wall adaptor, manual and quick start guide http://www.affdex.com
Cambridge Simulation Glasses 30 Level1 and 30 Level2 http://www.inclusivedesigntoolkit.com
Fit Bit Surge fitbit.com/eu/surge
Cambridge Simulation Gloves http://www.inclusivedesigntoolkit.com
BioPack System http://www.biopac.com/
SmartNAV3 NaturalPoint SmartNav3 (A Hands free mouse) Package includes: smartNav3 device, Reflective dots(26), software CD and electronic manual http://www.naturalpoint.com
Noldus Mobile Device Camera Software: Noldus FaceReader – Automatic analysis of facial expressions http://www.noldus.com/accessories


SPORTS CAM camera sportcam.net
AMKOV 360 camera amkov.com
Visual stress screener (VISS) Software Lucid – Objective identification of visual stress in reading http://www.lucid-research.com
NAO Humanoid Robot – NAO H21
– NAO H25
LEGO MINDSTORMS http://www.lego.com
LEGO WeDo education.lego.com/WeDo
Raspberry PI raspberrypi.org
Edison Robots meetedison.com
Bee Bot bee-bot.us
Mirobot https://mime.co.uk
Thymio https://www.thymio.org
Arduino https://www.arduino.cc
Xbox Kinect http://www.xbox.com/360
Xbox One Kinect xbox.com/one
Leap Motion Controller – Motion sensor device and
– HP Envy Leap Motion Laptop
Multitouch tables Microsoft SUR 40 and
Occulus Rift Ā Virtual reality headset http://www.oculusvr.com
HTC Tablets, iPods and Projectors http://www.htc.com/www
Classroom Performance System (Clickers) http://www.einstuction.com/
Wacom Wireless Pen Tablet Tablet, adaptor and pen http://www.wacom.com
Interactive Floors
Augmented Reality Glasses smart eye glass
3D Printer da Vinci 1 3D Printer da Vinci 1