Please visit the Cyprus Interaction Lab Google Scholar profile to view a complete list of the publications of the Cyprus Interaction Lab team. Please browse below for indicative videos of our work within our research themes.

PILLAR I: EMBODIED PLAY AND GAMEFUL LEARNING: How can technologically-mediated ‘play-like’ activity enrich the learning experience and support the development of knowledge and skills, based on the assumption that we Learn as we Play while engaging our (physical or digital) bodies and brains?

PILLAR II: LEARNING DESIGN AND LEARNING SPACES: How can we use technology and design to nourish spaces (e.g. classrooms, museums, etc) mediating processes between people and people, people and products, people and the environment.

PILLAR III: DESIGN FOR SOCIAL CHANGE: How can computing and emerging technology enact the inclusion of the disabled or underrepresented in societal activities and experiences?