Towards strengthening the post-doctoral researchers

The Cyprus Interaction Lab invites postdoctoral researchers to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the Cyprus University of Technology and work with the 4 academics of the lab to produce competitive proposals for funding.

The Coordinator of the Internal Programme (Project Coordinator) must be a Post-doctoral Researcher. Upon approval of the Proposal, the Post-doctoral researcher must necessarily be physically present at CUT.
The full text of the Funding Call for Research Proposal Submission under the “POST-DOCTORAL” Programme is available here. This includes the Funding Call procedure, the terms and conditions, the evaluation criteria and procedure, as well as other relevant information.

Lab academics

Andri Ioannou
Research Interests: Learning Technologies, Technology Enhanced Learning, Learning Experience Design, Game-based Learning, Emerging Technologies for Learning.

Panayiotis Zaphiris
Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Social Computing and Inclusive Design with an emphasis on the design of interactive systems for people with disabilities.

Antigoni Parmaxi
Research Interests: Computer-assisted language learning, participatory design methodology in language learning, intercultural education, curriculum development and lifelong learning.

Aekaterini Mavri
Research Interests: Social/situated Learning, Technology Enhanced Learning, Communities of Practice, HCI, User Experience Research & Design