Funded: EIT

Duration: 11 months (1/1/2020 – 31/12/2020)

Consortium partners: CUT (lead partner), Cyprus Energy Agency (CEA), Centre for Systems Solutions

Total Budget: €53,250.00

CUT budget:  € 23,875.00 

YICY2020 – Climate KIC [Young Innovators 2020 – Climate KIC; January 2020 – December 2020; Grand No: 200491] funded to the Cyprus University of Technology (project coordinator: Dr Stelios Yiatros; CIL Members: Dr Andri Ioannou and Nicoletta Pantela)   under the EIT- European Institute of Technology. The project’s consortium includes the Cyprus University of Technology (Lead Partner), the Cyprus Energy Agency and the Centre for Systems Solutions in Wroclaw- Poland. 

This €53,250.00 project aims to support secondary and high school students to develop their 21st century skills and competences related to climate innovation, under the umbrella of Problem Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy. Among other competencies, the project promotes systems thinking and analysis, critical thinking, creative complex problem-solving and entrepreneurship. As an initial step, different teaching specialists (e.g. Geography, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Design & Technology etc.) and educators from the environmental centers around Cyprus will participate in  training sessions using an online social simulation/game and a toolbox of participatory tools. As a further step, they will be called to prepare workshops for their students. Students on the other hand, will be introduced to the programme via the online social simulation and then through the guided workshops analyse the local issues and frame them. The project will culminate at a Young Climathon event where the students will tackle these challenges with their proposed innovative solutions.

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