RISE is accepting applications in the EdMedia Group

RISE is accepting applications in the Education and Edutainment Group

The Interactive Media and Education/Edutainment Group (EdMedia Group) of RISE has research focus on multimodal interaction and learning, emerging technologies for learning and entertainment/ edutainment, and learning theory (see http://www.rise.org.cy/en-gb/vacancies/mrgs/#mrg-2)

We are looking for outstanding, recent PhD graduates or early-years postdoctoral candidates, or MA/MSc holder who already have or aspire to…


For researchers,

·      engage in relevant research and development of EdMedia products

·      be active in research communities related to EdMedia

·       propose and implement research projects within EdMedia

·       engage with grant-writing and/or project management

·       engage with industry, e.g., work on a product or service that might be developed within EdMedia


For designers or developers,

·       engage in relevant to EdMedia work (i.e., programming languages/ development platforms or environments, previous collaboration with researchers)

·       generate portfolios of EdMedia prototypes, ideas or tools

·       implement and demonstrate systems within EdMedia

·       engage with the industry, e.g., create a product or service based on EdMedia


For details about the application process please see



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