Past Funded Projects

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RISE was funded by EU through the TEAMING program of HORIZON 2020.
The project aimed at the establishment of an interdisciplinary Research Centre in Cyprus to integrate research in the Visual Sciences, Human Factors and Design, and Communications and Artificial Intelligence. The grant awarded was 0.5 million EUR for 1 year for the development of the business plan for the Centre.

WoMEnpower [WE-ME 2014-2015]

Funded to CIL@CUT by UNDP and USAID ($30000);
The project sought to link women mentors and mentees together through an online community platform. More specifically WE-ME aimed at helping young women to receive support and advice in regards to self-improvement, in order to increase their self-esteem, personal and social power and solidarity. The platform was designed to allow its members to organize local WE-ME Mentoring/supporting- meetings, seminars and/or fairs and a yearly WE-ME Mentoring-conference in Euro-Mediterranean region.The platform targeted women in academia, business and health and social care; whereas other fields will be added in the future.

Creative Multimodal Information Spaces for Problem Based Learning [InfoSpaces 2012-2014]

An interdisciplinary project funded to CIL@ CUT (A. Ioannou as Principal Investigator) by the Cyprus Research Foundation (25000 euro) to explore innovative, multimodal learning environments for the support of problem based learning (PBL) in higher education, particularly design education. The project built on the idea that successful PBL implementation depends on both the selection of learning activities and development of appropriate infrastructure, that is, technology-enhanced learning spaces in which the activities can take place. This project developed and delivered a framework comprising the construction of creative, multi-modal information spaces ideal for the implementation of PBL in the university classroom.

Multitouch Interactive Tabletops for Collaboration and Peacemaking [PeaceTable 2011-2013]

CUT Start-up Grant funded to A.Ioannou as Principal Investigator (40000 euro). This start-up grant funded several small-scale interdisciplinary, exploratory projects in the area of technology-enhanced learning and peacemaking using interactive tabletops.

Startup grant for the establishment of the Cyprus Interaction Lab

CUT Start-up Grant funded to P.Zaphiris as Principal Investigator (80000 euro). This grant aimed at establishing the Cyprus Interaction Lab, purchasing of the required equipment and funding of research assistants for the execution of initial HCI related projects.

Usability and user experience user interface design heuristics for Deaf users

The aim of the project is to develop a novel usability inspection method that can be applied to measure the usability and user experience of websites that are designed for Deaf users. The usability inspection method will be in the form of a heuristic evaluation that can be used by HCI experts and developers alike. It will be required to understand the unique characteristics of Deaf user interactions with websites and to examine existing web design guidelines and principles for Deaf users. In addition, a process must be applied for developing new heuristics for specific application domains.

Eye-tracking based Methodological framework for optimal distribution of online advertisement locations

The goal of this project is to develop a methodological framework for optimizing the location of online advertisement.  The project will make use of an experimental use of eye-tracking technology for the development of such a methodological framework.  The Cyprus Interaction Lab assists in the scientific use of eye tracking technology and the creation of the methodological framework.

COST Action IC1002: Multilingual and multifaceted interactive information access (MUMIA)

MUMIA coordinates the collaboration between these disciplines, fostering research and technology transfer in these areas and play an important role in the definition of the future of search. To form a common basis for collaboration the domain of patent retrieval has been selected as a use case, as it provides highly sophisticated and information intensive search tasks that have significant economic ramifications. MUMIA explores innovative frameworks to empower the synergies from the disparate research fields of MT/IR/MIIA within the specific context of patent search and other next generation Web applications.

COST Action TwinTide: IC0904

The Action aimed to provide harmonization and leadership currently lacking in this field by bringing together researchers and D&E professionals. Their broad experience of D&E methods deployed in different sectors and disciplines enabled comparison of method applications, assessing transferability of both established and novel approaches. The Action provided young interdisciplinary researchers with systematic training and networking opportunities such as STSMs and Training Schools.


Members of the lab also collaborate on other funded research projects headed by other research labs of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts: