Lanitio Primary School
Visit at the Cyprus Interaction Lab

On May 28, 2014, a total of 21, 4-graders from the Lanitio Primary School in Limassol visited the Cyprus Interaction Lab (CIL) of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts at the Cyprus University of Technology.

During their visit at CIL, students had the opportunity to discover the learning possibilities of multi-touch, interactive tabletops. Students, worked in teams, with existing mutli-touch learning apps for Windows 8, as well as custom-built applications developed at CIL for educational use.

This visit offered students the opportunity to learn collaboratively, using this emerging technology, embracing an alternative learning experience and giving them a glimpse of what to expect in education in the years to come.

The educational visit was organized by Dr. Maria Zeniou, teacher at Lanitio Primary School and visiting researcher at the Cyprus Interaction Lab.

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