Initiation of the “Creativity Workshops” series by the Cyprus Interaction lab

The ‘creative workshop’ series was successfully launched on Wednesday, September the 24th, co-organized by the Cyprus Interaction lab and the Sustainable Energy Lab of the Cyprus University of Technology.

Professor Panayiotis Zaphiris, dean of the School of Fine and Applied Arts, initiated the “creative workshops” stating that it consists of a series of open dialogue meetings (occurring monthly) and which focus on themes such as creativity and innovation and their impact on education, society and research.

Next, Dr. Alexandros Charalambides inspired the audience with his speech titled “From idea to product“, by presenting how the ENERMAP project progressed and matured through various stages, until it received funding.
The ENERMAP platform ( aims to record and map energy-efficient buildings across Europe as well as promote the most effective energy-related practices in the building sector.

Finally, Dr. Stylianos Yiatros closed the event by announcing the subject of the next workshop – to be held on October the 22nd – titled as ‘Nicosia International Airport: A case study on the use of collaborative problem solving practices in design courses”.

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