ERUM: The third transnational virtual project meeting

On October 7th, the ERUM consortium met for the third time, but, due to the current public health crisis, the meeting was held on Zoom. It was chaired by Judith, Alessandra and Johanna from the University of Vienna. 

During this productive day, the project partners discussed about already achieved milestones and about next important steps of the project. Internal management and dissemination strategies were addressed and the consortium discussed the progress of IO2 (guidelines for evidence-based communication), which is led by the University of Vienna and will be finalised by the end of 2020. Furthermore, Vytautas Magnus University presented the final draft of the survey to the partners and discussed a few points in order to finalise the survey which will be disseminated by the end of October. In preparation of the next IO the partner from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki informed the partners about the expected outputs and timeline for the forthcoming months. IO3 aims to produce learning material for higher education students to deepen their knowledge about mis/disinformation, equip them with critical thinking skills to improve their resilience to “fake news” and raise awareness about its impact on our society. Lastly, the consortium members continued with a discussion about the two Multiplier Events with the focus on the possibility of holding these events virtually due to the current circumstances with covid-19. The ISP1, held by the University of Versailles, is yet to be confirmed whether is taking place virtually, face to face or be postponed until the partners are able to travel safely.

In the near future the “Survey for journalists and media professionals” will be disseminated. After the collection and analysis of the data the guidelines for evidence-based communication will be produced. 

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