EIT Climate-KIC – Kick-off Meeting andTraining Workshop in Paris – France

On Wednesday and Thursday, February 12-13th 2020, the project kick-off meeting took place at the Center of Research and Interdisciplinary (CRI), in Paris, France.  The meeting was hosted by the central EIT Climate-KIC Young Innovators 2020 team. Our core team from Cyprus participated in the two – days training meeting which was divided into two main parts.  

Part 1: The first day of the training consisted of introduction presentations about the general aims of the Young Innovators-Climate-KIC projects.  The training covered the  philosophy and  the processes that the core  design EIT Climate-KIC team of Young Innovators 2020  followed to end up in the proposed toolbox of participatory tools.  

Part 2: The second day was a hands-on experience training workshop! In particular, the participants  from the partner countries were divided in groups and worked collaboratively on a given problem related to climate challenge. Utilizing a different participatory tool from the toolbox, each  was called to frame the problem, exchange ideas, state arguments, present pros and cons of the possible solutions in order to propose the most doable ones. A mentor from the core design team guided each group all along the process, pushing them to think more creatively and widely!   

The training workshop concluded with a reflection activity.  All the groups were gathered together for a constructive discussion at the plenary, sharing their thoughts on how to implement those participatory tools in a classroom setting in the most effective ways.

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