Centre on Interactive Media and Smart and Emerging Technologies

The Centre on Interactive Media and Smart and Emerging Technologies (RISE; http://www.rise.org.cy) was funded by EU through the TEAMING program of HORIZON 2020. The project aims at the establishment of an interdisciplinary Research Centre in Cyprus to integrate research in the Visual Sciences, Human Factors and Design, and Communications and Artificial Intelligence. The grant awarded was 0.5 million EUR in Phase 1 (2015-2016) for the development of the business plan for the Centre. In Phase 2, the grant awarded was over 30 million EUR (2017-2024) for the establishment of the Centre. RISE brings together the three state universities in Cyprus (several research labs; four from CUT) together with two leading foreign Universities (UCL in UK and Max Planck Institute in Germany) which are supporting us in setting up the Centre.
Members of the Cyprus Interaction Lab have an active role in RISE, with Andri Ioannou being the Team Leader of the EdMedia Multidisciplinary Research Group (MRG). The EdMedia MRG is aiming towards applied research and innovation on interactive media, education and edutainment with emphasis on serious games. More information at http://edmedia.rise.org.cy/

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