CIL supports two conferences on mobile computing

The Cyprus Interaction Lab is a supporter of two conferences on mobile computing:

  1. iPads in Higher Education (ihe 2014) is the world’s 1st international research conference about iPad use in Higher Education (HE). You are invited to join scholars, learning technologists and practitioners from across the globe to share insights into teaching practice and student learning in an interdisciplinary and collaborative interchange of experience. The conference seeks to provide a common forum for the varied forms of research on the use of iPads HE, and to explore innovative models of learning using the iPad.  The conference takes place in Paphos, Cyprus between 20-22 March 2014


  1. Industry/Public Sector-Academy on Mobile Computing is the first conference in Cyprus where industry, public sector and academia come together to discuss the potential of mobile computing research and practice in Cyprus.  The conference takes place on January 29th 2014.


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