Affiliated/Collaborating Researchers

Olia Tsivitanidou, Research Associate, CYENS 

Research Interests:Formative Assessment and Assessment for Learning, Science Education, Technology Enhanced Learning.


Natasa Christou, Research Associate, CYENS 

Research Interests:
Design Thinking, User-Center Design, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development, Innovation Labs, Tech-Labs, Community Building, Venture Building

Yiannis Georgiou,
Officer of Educational Programming, Secondary General Education,
Ministry of Education & Culture (MOEC)

Research Interests:
Immersive technologies for inquiry learning, Technology-enhanced learning environments, Participatory design with teachers and students, Teachers’ professional development

Christina Vasiliou,  Post-doctoral Researche, Newcastle University

Research Interests:Human Computer Interaction, Interface Design, Human Error Understanding, Interactive Touch Design


Raluca Maxim, UX Researcher

Research Interests: User Experience, Cognitive Psychology, Human Computer Interaction, Cognitive Neuroscience, User modelling, Mixed and Multi-metric methods, Human Factors and Ergonomics, Educational Psychology, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence


Fernando Loizides, Lecturer, Cardiff University

Research Interests: Digital Libraries, Information Seeking, Human Computer Interaction, Brain-Computer Interfaces and Database Systems; Software developer, User experience


Chrystalla Antoniou, Museum Education Consultant and Primary School Teacher at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth

Research Interests: Informal learning, place- based education, education for sustainability, museum education, digital museum learning, environmental education, technology-mediated social change, intercultural education. 

Efi Nisiforou, Lecturer, University of Nicosia 

Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Educational Neuroscience, Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL), Personalized Learning Environments (PLE), User Experience, Cognitive Abilities, Creativity, Multi-metric methods (Psychometric, Biometric ǀ Eye-tracking, Neurometric ǀ EEG)


Alexandros Yeratziotis, PhD

Research Interests: User Experience, Human-Computer Interaction, Usability Inspection Methods (UIMs)

Nicoletta Pantela, Project manager/ researcher

Research Interests: Learning Sciences, Educational technology, Emerging technologies, STEM/STEAM education, Problem-based learning

Panagiotis Kosmas, Collaborating researcher

Research Interests: Teaching methodologies mediated by emerging technologies, child-computer interaction, instructional design, language teaching and learning.


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